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East Coast Swing

Posted by Andrew in News

Three Formula Drift rounds have passed since my last post. Three hot, smokey, fast, sweaty, difficult, insane, fun and eye-opening events have gone by, and I haven't posted a thing. "My bad" doesn't even cover it. I'm sorry, and I won't waste your time offering up any excuses. Let's just cut to the chase; you want to see some media and read about what East coast FD was like. Here you go. I'll be posting the three rounds in quick succession so come back for the rest!


Round 2: Atlanta

Going into round 2 I had a pretty good idea what to expect. During the week leading up to the event I jumped on Forza 4 every chance I got; I knew it was going to be a fast, technical entry and making it up the hill would be line-dependant. The rest wouldn't be too difficult, just be sure to get the first half right so the rest will follow. While this was all correct, I was seriously underestimating how crucial the entry is.

During practice I picked up the general course quickly but I was barely linking it with almost no tire smoke at all. The new LSD gave me enough grip to keep the car going but any mistake and I would either spin or go straight for a bit.

I missed my first qualifying run due to a battery malfunction, which was quickly remedied by my crew. This meant I had one run to make it into the top 32 or I was done for the weekend. I left the line, raced up to the first corner and yanked my ebrake... and everything went wrong. I bobbled on initiation, messed up my line toward the uphill section, straightened going up toward the horseshoe, re-initiated and got back on line, came down the hill and spun out on my final transition leaving the course. It was a dissappointing weekend but we learned a lot and now I know what to expect next year!

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