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My Bio

After getting exposed to drifting through videos and magazines I started learning to slide my AE86. After going to my first Formula Drift event in 2007 I decided I wanted to be a professional drifter. Later that year I started a meet & drive which spawned my car club, Touge Spec. Shortly thereafter I began racing on track. I drove my beat-up AE86 in 21 assorted events in 2008; 14 drift events, 6 autocrosses and 1 rallycross. I placed 3rd drifting at  Smackdown, scoring higher by myself than the combined efforts of most of the other teams.

In 2009 I blasted into competitive drifting, driving in 16 events. In round 2 of the Evergreen Drift Championship Series I placed 2nd; it was my first competition ever. I was able to finish the series in 4th overall, even while overcoming various issues throughout the season. Smackdown proved once again to be a strong point for me in 2009; I placed 2nd in drift among a much stronger field of top Northwest drifters. In Las Vegas I received a Formula Drift ProAm National Championship invitation by placing 4th in the Formula Drift ProAm qualifier. I accomplished this while 125°C/260°F coolant temperatures warped my engine and blew a hole in one piston! At the 2009 ProAm National Championship I placed one spot lower than I needed to earn my professional license.

The 2010 season has been geared toward program development. I have high-end shop backing, a new, improved car and more seat time. This year I’ve put everything on the line to earn my invitation to ProAm Nationals and qualify for my professional license.
2011 will mark my transition into professionalism. I will either have a professional Formula Drift license and drive a full FD season, or continue to work toward a pro license via ProAm events.